Product Verification

Dedicated 4-axis dynamic testing

A series of dedicated dynamic test beds allow GMT to perform simultaneous 4 axis dynamic evaluations to establish how designs and products perform. This ensures predictive simulations using tools such as Finite Element Analysis are realised by actual physical testing prior to production.

Simultaneous 4-axis dynamic test bed

Lifetime simulations

Similarly, lifetime simulations can be performed which can reduce the need for more expensive system or vehicle level real-world testing, thereby reducing both costs and time to production.

Dynamic shear testing of rubber buffers

Environmental testing

GMT's environmental test laboratory enables physical testing of components at a wide range of ambient operating temperatures ranging from -80°C to +225°C. This can be utilised to validate the performance of a particular rubber compound at extreme ambient conditions to ensure satisfactory performance. Furthermore, ageing simulations can be performed in the environmental test laboratory to determine the effects of ozone on specific rubber compounds over their lifetime.

Environmental test chamber dynamic testing of a spherical bearing

A series of specialist testing machines are utilised to test and verify the performance of advanced air spring suspension systems for critical road and rail vehicle applications under normal operating conditions right through to the extremes of simulated burst conditions.

With such an extensive product verification capability available in-house, GMT can confidently take products from initial design concept right through to full production…

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