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GMT manufacture and supply products to meet the growing demands of the industrial and domestic wind energy generation markets.

GMT has designed and developed products in collaboration with customers to ensure the strict noise and vibration requirements are adhered to whilst increasing performance and service life.

British Wind Energy Association logosTypical products manufactured include the main drive axle support bushes for the large rotary blades and high capacity gearbox and generator mounts for the industrial market through to simple buffers and captive mounts for the domestic application.

GMT's considerable experience and technical expertise in the noise and vibration isolation field mean we are capable of supporting even the most technically challenging requirements.

Generator Mounts

Generator MountsGMT Generator Mounts are used by major manufacturers of large wind turbines for installations across the world.

Existing products can be used or new purpose designed mounts can be designed to suit specific customer application requirements.

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Gearbox Mounts

Gearbox MountsGMT Gearbox Mounts provide accurate location whilst supporting and isolating large masses from the surrounding structure.

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Interleaf Mounts / Multi-Layer Springs

Interleaf Mounts / Multi-Layer SpringsGMT manufacture a range of interleaf mountings which can take high compressive and shear loads depending upon the nature of the installation. The number of interleaves and the rubber compound can be varied to provide a range of sizes and parts suitable for a wide range of installations.

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High Deflection Mounts

High Deflection MountsGMT's range of High Deflection Mounts can achieve improved levels of vibration isolation due to their ability to deflect significantly during normal operation.

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