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Constructed of high quality steel and rubber, GMT's range of precision anti vibration engine mounts are designed to be strong and ensure that engines remain secure while undesirable effects such as vibration, noise and engine wear are minimised. From OEM automotive manufacturers and marine equipment to fixed installations and portable equipment, our engine mounts deliver performance and protection you can rely on.

A huge element in brand perception and often noted when equipment and products are reviewed, OEM manufacturers are tasked with ensuring that customer comfort is a constant priority. GMT's engine mount solutions solve a wide range of issues from ease of installation, fastening and maintenance through to improving ride quality and performance making our engine mounts a preference for engineering and performance specifiers.

GMT's stock engine mounts are spread across a wide range of product categories that include:

Triflex Mounts

triflex engine mountsAvailable in two different ranges. Our Type 1 Triflex engine mounts are engineered to control vibration and noise in heavy duty machinery and feature high rates of deflection and stiffness across three axis. With DNV approval, our Type 2 Triflex engine mounts integrate rebound control making them ideal as marine engine mounts amongst other applications. Download our Triflex data sheet for technical specifications and more information.

Cone Mountings

cone engine mountsWith 21 products in this range our Cone Mounts are supplied with overload and rebound washers as standard. These engine mounts offer a progressive stiffness characteristic and are ideal in applications where both upwards and downwards forces are a consideration.

H Mounts

h engine mountsOur H Mounts are ideal where a suspension or fixed engine mounting is required. Manufactured from Chloroprene, our standard range are resistant to oil and grease and are available in four ranges of hardness as standard in addition to being part of our bespoke range that can be manufactured to your specification.

For more information on GMT’s range of high quality engine mounts please visit our Products section or contact us to discuss your requirements.

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