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Anti Vibration Products

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Specialists in anti vibration mounts and vibration control components, GMT Rubber-Metal-Technic Ltd help businesses increase the lifespan of machinery and vehicles by minimising noise, shock and harmful vibration. GMT are manufacturers of everything from rubber bushes, spring mounts and levelling feet through to marine engine mounts, components for rail bogies and specialist bespoke rubber-metal bonded parts. Learn more here.

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Aerospace Products

GMT supply aerospace manufacturers and maintenance teams with structural tie rod struts and a wide range of anti vibration mounts designed to increase cabin comfort by minimising aircraft vibration. Applications span domestic, commercial and military aircraft from passenger and cargo through to helicopters and drones with all of GMT's components being rigorously tested and certified to the highest specification.

Learn more about our aerospace solutions here.

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Automotive Products

Compliant with the latest EoLV legislation GMTs' vibration control components are used extensively throughout the automotive industry. From anti vibration engine mounts through to shock mounts and simple rubber bushes, manufacturers including OEMs, prestige and F1 vehicle producers have benefited from GMT's expertise in increasing occupant comfort by reducing noise and vibration while adding to the reliability and longevity of a vehicles systems.

Learn more about GMT's automotive solutions here.

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Rubber Buffers

GMT has an extensive range of Rubber Buffers (AV Mounts) and Bobbins many of which are available from stock. GMT's experienced Technical Sales Team can assist with product selection to ensure optimised vibration isolation or shock protection is achieved. — more information on rubber buffers …

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Construction / Off-Highway Products

With specialist rubber compounds designed for the construction, quarrying and mining equipment manufacturers, GMT help reduce very high levels of impact stress and vibration, increasing equipment lifespan and improving efficiency through the use of highly effective anti vibration mounts, rubber buffers and springs amongst a host of supplemental components and solutions that are available.

Speak to the GMT team today to discuss how we can help your business.

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Defence Products

With an inventory of over 500 NSN cross referenced NATO approved parts, GMT is a significant brand in anti vibration mounts and components for the global defence industry.

GMT have developed a large selection of synthetic and natural rubber compounds that are designed specifically to excel throughout a wide range of military applications. From tank track pads and wheels through to suspension mounts, our military grade solutions are resistant to oil, wear, extremes of heat and cold and UV damage.

Find out more about GMT's defence solutions today.

General Industrial Products

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In addition to developing bespoke vibration control products and rubber compounds, GMT stock a huge selection of anti vibration mounts and rubber-metal bonded components for a wide range of uses throughout many industries.

Speak to the GMT team today to discuss your requirements.

Leveling Feet

leveling feetGMT's range of levelling feet include an extensive selection of rubber anti vibration feet which when combined with durable spindles provide highly effective noise and vibration absorption to your equipment. Covering a wide range of applications from bearing high loads through to self-alignment, our levelling feet deliver unprecedented vibration isolation that reduces wear and improves equipment longevity allowing for a higher return on investment.

Speak to GMT today about your levelling feet needs.

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Marine / Off-Shore Products

GMT's range of marine anti vibration mounts reduce transmitted shock loads and are capable of high deflections which when combined with generous overload and fail safe design contingencies ensure that your sensitive equipment remains operational.

Contact GMT today for more information.

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Railway Products

System vendors, rail companies and operators worldwide make extensive use of GMT's shock absorption and anti vibration technologies. From train bogie components through to engine mounts and rubber buffers, our products are used throughout rail rolling stock and locomotive engineering to increase passenger comfort, secure freight and reduce wear and maintenance on essential equipment. Find out more here.

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Renewable Energy Products

From rubber bushes that support the main drive axel of large rotary blades in a wind turbine through to high capacity gearbox and generator mounts, GMT have worked with customers to design and supply a wide range of anti vibration mounts and rubber-metal bonded components for industrial and domestic wind energy generation.

Whatever your equipment's technical demands, take advantage of GMT's expertise in noise and vibration isolation solutions today.

Specialist / Custom Items

rubber manufacturerGMT has over 40 years' experience in working with our clients to design and make a wide range of rubber-metal bonded anti vibration solutions. From products for everyday use through to specialist materials and fabrication techniques for applications in extreme environment, GMT help solve even the most demanding and challenging scenarios.

Speak to GMT, the specialist rubber manufacturers today.

The Company

Established in 1968, GMT Rubber-Metal-Technic has with the help of our clients, developed significant expertise in anti vibration and rubber-metal bonded product development across a wide range of industries — Find out more


GMT has achieved certification to the railway standard IRIS and the aerospace industry standard AS/EN9100.


GMT's ongoing growth and success is testimony to the company's continual advancements in product design, manufacture and testing capability — more information …

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